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Finishing Touch Flooring Ltd aim to give you the best possible service and value at all times. The following Terms and Conditions explain how we will deal with your Order and you should read them carefully, they can be viewed at any time by clicking the Terms and Conditions link on our website finishingtouchflooring.co.uk

Throughout these Terms and Conditions where Finishing Touch Flooring is referred to this means Finishing Touch Flooring Ltd.

By placing an Order with Finishing Touch Flooring Ltd you are entering into a legally binding contract with us. This means that both you and Finishing Touch Flooring have rights and obligations. If you are unsure of your rights and obligations now or at any time during the contract, please seek independent advice.


All Quotes are valid for 21 days, unless stated on your Quote, subject to manufacturer price increases of which you will be notified before accepting a new Quote.

Please check that all the information is correct before accepting a Quote.

Upon accepting a Quote, you will be sent an ‘Invoice’ at which time you are placing an Order with us.


By placing an Order with us, you are accepting these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy of this website.

When you place your Order you are inviting us to enter into a contract with you to supply the product/s you have selected at the price indicated on your Order form, this may also be referred to as ‘Invoice’ form.

If you receive an acknowledgment email or confirmation email for an Order, which you did not place, or if the details in the acknowledgment email or confirmation email do not match the Order which you placed, you must contact Finishing Touch Flooring Ltd on 01271 378218 or via email to sales@finishingtouchflooring.co.uk

Once you have accepted a Quote from Finishing Touch Flooring Ltd and placed an Order we will issue an ‘Invoice,’ which is usually for 50% of the total Order value where we are supplying product/s and fitting (or 100% for supply of product/s only), which is payable before your product/s can be ordered, via BACS or bank card or cash (we no longer accept cheques).

All the products that we use are ordered specifically for your Order, therefore should you need to cancel your Order you will be liable for the total cost of the products ordered at that point.

If you have provided your own measurements, you are responsible for these being accurate and Finishing Touch Flooring Ltd accepts no liability if the floorcovering does not fit. Therefore, please make sure that these are correct at the time of ordering to avoid any issues upon delivery or when the floorcovering is fitted.


Subject always to your statutory rights, if your floorcovering is not of satisfactory quality or is not fit for a purpose which was made known to us, we will replace any defective floorcovering and arrange for the defective floorcovering to be uplifted and disposed of.

the rare occasion that there is an issue with the fitting of your product/s or an issue arises with your fitted product/s please contact the Finishing Touch Flooring showroom and we will investigate the issue for you and liaise with the product suppliers, employed Fitter/s and/or the Independent Self-employed Sub-contractors if required.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

If you are acting other than as a consumer, all Terms, Conditions and Warranties implied by law (other than the Warranty as to title) are excluded. You must make your own decision as to whether the products you select are fit for their purpose, even if the purpose is made known to us. In these circumstances our liability is limited to the cost of replacing any defective product. No liability is accepted for any loss of rental income, inconvenience, distress, inability to hire the room, loss of turnover, loss of profit or any indirect and/or consequential losses whatsoever.

This provision does not affect any liability we have for fraud or fraudulent misstatement or for personal injury arising out of our negligence.


Product Guarantees

We are responsible for ensuring that the products we supply are of satisfactory quality, conform to the sample and are fit for the purpose for which they are sold. Certain products have additional guarantees provided by us or the manufacturer. Where they are provided by the manufacturer, we accept no responsibility for these additional warranties or guarantees.


We accept BACS, debit and all credit bank cards (aside American Express) and cash payments (we no longer accept cheques) as a form of payment.

A 50% deposit (or 100% for supply of product/s only) is payable when placing your Order with the balance due 7 days before your agreed fitting date where we are supplying product/s and fitting.

If your Order is being completed in stages payment terms may also be staged in which case, they will be agreed in writing prior to the fitting date.

Under the Independent Self-employed Sub-contractors Terms and Conditions the Independent Self-employed Sub-contractor amount agreed in your Order is to be paid directly to the Independent Self-employed Sub-contractors (e.g. Flooring Fitter/s) in full directly to the Independent Self-employed Sub-contractor/s on the day of your Order is completed.

Delivery and/or installation dates are estimates only and given in good faith, but are not guaranteed times or dates and should not be relied upon as such.

We understand things come up that can’t be helped and you may need to move your fitting date, you will have the right to move the date once with at least 7 day’s notice, however should you need to move the date a second time we reserve the right to charge the full fitting charge associated with your Order.

We use employed Fitters and Independent Self-employed Sub-contractors Fitters who will deliver your products for your supply only Order or an Order that we are fitting, we will share your information (name, address and contact details, together with the product being delivered) with the delivery provider.


It is your responsibility to ensure that there is adequate free parking, free clear access and clearance to allow the products to be delivered without damaging the products or any decoration through the route of access. If you do not do so, no responsibility is accepted for any damage caused unless and to the extent we have been negligent.

Storage of Products

We will only keep products in our warehouse for a maximum of 28 days after your original agreed fitting date. This includes any part-fitted products. You must accept delivery of your products within this time. If not, you authorise us to dispose of your products with no liability on us. In the event that we agree to store your products for longer than 28 days, we will advise you of the charges for storage, and you agree to pay such charges in advance. Further, you accept that during the period in excess of 28 days, your products may be damaged and you accept full responsibility for such damage.


We use employed and Independent Self-employed Sub-contractors for product fitting, subfloor preparation, uplifting/removing existing flooring etc…

All Order fittings are covered by a minimum 12 months guarantee from the date of installation. Where Independent Self-employed Sub-contractors are used your contact is with them for the fitting of the products.

If you wish us to arrange for your Order to be fitted, you appoint us as your agent to arrange the fitting of your product/s. You authorise us to enter into an oral contract for fitting of your product/s (and uplift of your current products if you have chosen this option) with Independent Self-employed Sub-contractor/s in your name and on your behalf. The contract for fitting will be under a separate agreement between you and the Independent Self-employed Sub-contractor/s.

You must pay the independent self-employed subcontractor/s for the fitting services on the day that the fitting is completed, unless the fitting is taking place on different occasions, in which case you must pay the Independent Self-employed Sub-contractor/s for the work completed on each occasion (for example, if a lounge, hall, and dining room carpet are fitted in months 1, 2 and 3, as part of a home refurbishment, you must pay the Independent Self-employed Sub-contractor/s the relevant proportion of the fitting charge upon completion of fitting each room).

The charges quoted are for the products shown on the Order only. If you require additional fitting services these can be agreed with the Independent Self-employed Sub-contractor/s in advance and quoted for separately.

We retain full responsibility for the products and services we supply and the Independent Self-employed Sub-contractor/s is/are responsible for the standard and quality of, and any liability arising from, delivery and/or installation.

On the rare occasion that there is an issue with the fitting of your product/s or an issue arises with your fitted product/s please contact the Finishing Touch Flooring showroom and we will investigate the issue for you and liaise with the product suppliers and the Independent Self-employed Sub-contractor/s if required.

Should you need to cancel or amend your scheduled fitting date with less than 7 days’ notice we reserve the right to charge the full fitting fee on the first occasion, further cancelations may result in additional charges.

Door trimming

Doors may need to be trimmed to allow clearance depending upon the depth of your chosen floorcovering. This is not part of the fitting work unless this has been specifically agreed. Fitters may remove doors to facilitate fitting and have them ready for you or your appointed carpenter to carry out the trimming and re-hanging. If you have fire doors, external doors or non-wood doors that require trimming, this will need to be carried out by a specialist carpenter and this is not a service which Finishing Touch Flooring Ltd will either carry out or arrange. We are also unable to remove, or arrange the removal of, any fire doors or external doors so arrangements must be made prior to the fitting date to avoid any delays.

Uplift and disposal

If you have opted for the ‘uplift and disposal’ service, the Fitter/s, under the contract between you and the Fitter/s, will remove your old flooring, all offcuts and packaging from your new flooring. Even if you have paid for the service, the Fitter/s will only carry out this work if the floorcovering is not soiled and there is no health and safety risk to the Fitter/s in respect of the product being uplifted. Your Fitter/s will return the removed flooring to Finishing Touch Flooring Ltd for disposal. If you have decided not to opt for this service, it is your responsibility to uplift your existing flooring prior to your Fitter/s arrival.

Appointment times and dates

Fitting appointments are estimates only and are made in good faith, but the exact arrival and duration times cannot be guaranteed due to the nature and unpredictability of the work involved. We cannot accept liability for delayed arrival of the Fitter/s.

Damage and scuff marks

Fitters undertake to carry out their work with reasonable skill and care, but even with the greatest care home décor may be marked or scuffed during the fitting process. New paintwork and wallpaper is especially vulnerable and should be allowed to fully dry (a minimum of two weeks is recommended). Neither Finishing Touch Flooring Ltd nor any Fitter undertake to carry out any redecoration, except where damage has been caused by that person’s negligence.


Our flooring survey and subfloor preparation 

If you have asked Finishing Touch Flooring Ltd to visit your home and check the suitability of a particular product to be supplied by us for your flooring, the survey is limited to checking what is physically visible without lifting existing floor coverings. If you would like the entire subfloor checked, it is your responsibility to lift the existing floorcoverings prior to inspection. Following the inspection, we will advise you of any works that may be necessary prior to the installation of your product/s as revealed by the survey of the subfloor. You can then decide whether you wish for Fitter/s recommended by us to carry out any subfloor preparation, or you can arrange to have any appropriate works undertaken yourself.

If you elect to arrange to carry out any subfloor preparation works, it is your responsibility to ensure that the works are completed to an appropriate standard in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for the product(s) used and all relevant British Standards.

If our original survey of the subfloor did not allow an adequate inspection of the subfloor the Fitter/s will check the subfloor once the existing flooring has been removed, if they believe the subfloor isn’t suitable for laying on, they will advise you of any additional work that is required prior to fitting your new product/s. In this instance the Fitter/s will discuss with you and agree the additional fee for the product/s required and labour to carry out any additional works. If an Independent Self-employed Fitter/s is/are used for this work they are responsible for their workmanship.

Quotes and fitting

All Quotes and Orders are on the basis that the subfloor is suitable for fitting the flooring you have selected without additional work. It is your responsibility to ensure that this is the case. We can carry out a free flooring survey (please see above). Any Fitter/s recommended by us will fit the product on your subfloor as it is when he or she arrives to fit the floorcovering, unless you have asked us to arrange for any works to be carried out to your subfloor. If any damage is caused to the product as a result of your subfloor being inadequate, all costs associated with remedying the subfloor and replacing any product are solely your responsibility unless we carried out a survey, please see above.


If you would like to cancel your Order at any point you will be liable to pay the full cost of any material/s or service/s that have been ordered/used at that time.

We do not offer refunds on excess packs of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) as we allow extra product for mapping out and cutting waste which sometimes results in excess material. If there are excess planks full left we will leave them with you at the end of your project.


If you require any help or are not satisfied after you have made your purchase, please contact us. In the first instance this should be to our showroom. It is really important that you tell us if you are not satisfied as soon as possible to enable us to put things right for you quickly.


Please inspect the completed work with your Fitter/s, please see the ‘Fitting (Floor Coverings)’ section above for more details on the fitting process, before they leave. Your Fitter/s should be able to address any issues which are identified, if any issues are not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact our showroom on 01271 378218 or via email to sales@finishingtouchflooring.co.uk.

If a problem with the fitting manifests itself after the product has been fitted, please contact our showroom on 01271 378218 or via email to sales@finishingtouchflooring.co.uk.


Finishing Touch Flooring Ltd takes data protection very seriously. All data is stored and treated with complete confidentiality and in accordance with the relevant legal obligations. More details regarding use of data can be found in our Privacy Policy.

We also reserve the right to take photos of our work at your premises to use on our social media platforms and advertising, should you not wish us to use these photos please advise us prior to installation (please note no address details are ever advertised).


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